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    VirtuBid™ (vBid™) is the state-of-the-art electronic bidding service

    QuestCDN online bidding

    VirtuBid™ (vBid™) is an innovative online bidding tool
    that benefits bidders, project owners and soliciting agents.

    vBid™ streamlines the bidding process for owners and solicitors, allowing them to effectively and efficiently build and accept bids through a secure online network.

    • With vBid™, providers are able to build their bid forms to fit their needs, accept and verify bid bonds, verify receipt of addenda, and much more.
    • Bidders can now submit their numbers within seconds of a bid closing to ensure the most competitive bids, simply by the push of a button.
    • Review the benefits below and then contact QuestCDN for a presentation on the full functionality of vBid™ and to see how this innovative system provides optimal value for the entire construction bidding community.

    Owner/Provider benefits:

    • Receive More Competitive Bids – With reduced logistical bid costs, and the ability to accommodate last minute price changes, providers receive more competitive bids.

    • Assure Complete Bids – vBid™ is designed to assure complete bids are submitted. By verifying all requested information is returned at bid submission, more bids will be acceptable at bid openings.

    • Smooth Transition from Paper Bids to Electronic Bids – Providers can choose when to require all bids to be submitted electronically. The system allows for entry of paper bids alongside electronic bids. The analysis and data mining tools can be used for both paper and electronic bids.

    • Use All Current Electronic Information – vBid™ allows for all current electronic information to be easily imported and exported, including documents, bid forms, standard item codes and bid tabulations.

    • Provide eConference Bid Letting Sessions – Quest provides eConference online bid letting sessions with GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc.

    • Easy to Create Bids – It’s easy to create bids including the publishing of the providers own bid form formats and the posting of mandatory qualification information requirements.

    • Keeps the Provider In Control – Providers determine what needs to be completed before bids are opened. They set the level of detail displayed during bid opening and determine the level of detail publically provided in the posting of results.

    • Provides the Highest Security Of Data – Our software and our facilities assure provider and bidder data is protected at all times. Complete audit trails are automatically generated to allow for verification of the integrity of all submissions.

    • Customized Item Codes and Descriptions – Providers and bidders can set up an Item Code list or import any standard list already used. Special items can be created at any time for immediate use.

    • Providers Control who Bids – The system puts providers in control of who is authorized to bid. They can implement their own prequalification process, if desired, in addition to using the automated one requiring each bidder be a current plan holder for the project.

    • Analyze Bid Results – Review and analyze bid results with Quest bid evaluator functionality. Quest also provides automated bid data storage and result tabulations.

    Bidder benefits:

    • Submit Better Prices – Bidders will have more time for last minute pricing adjustments since they can do their submittal from their own office – up to the last minute.

    • Use Current Estimating Tools – Through vBid’s easy export and import functions, the bid form can be filled out in current estimating software. There is no need for new software.

    • Save Time – Since the entire bid process can be completed from the comfort of each bidders own office, the cost to bid has been substantially reduced. No long drive times, no hassle parking, no shipping fees and no overnight stays.

    • Submit More Bids – With the ability to submit bids from office locations, bidders will be able to submit more bids and be in full control of bid closings occurring at the same time (or very nearly the same time).

    • Submit More Accurate Bids – All changes to the bid are made from the bidder’s office, so last minute changes are entered correctly. This eliminates losing a bid due to last minute mistakes or missing information such as unit prices, addenda acknowledgement, surety, and other bid qualification information.

    • Retrieve Past Bid Results – With vBid™ you can retrieve past company bid results and review other project bids from QuestCDN’s archive.

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