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    Get the Best Possible Bids Quickly, Securely and Cost
    Effectively with QuestCDN’s Automated Data Network
    Welcome to the Quest Construction Data Network

    The state-of-the-art in cost effective project advertising

    and secure digital plan delivery. QuestCDN is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that allows solicitors to get the best bids possible by advertising their construction projects, distributing their specifications and plans in a digital format, and providing administrative support functionality such as on-line plan holder lists, distribution of digital addenda and distribution of project results. The result is a seemless system that allows Quest Alliance Partners (QAPs) to deliver complete, high quality digital plan sets in an easy to use system that improves communication, dramatically reduces costs, and provides tracking and accountability. Best of all – it’s FREE!

    Tools to Generate Bids

    Free Bid

    Post project advertisements and eBidDocs™ (complete digital bid set) on the QuestCDN website. Bidding members then download the project bid information – all at no cost to you.


    A customized private interface allows the IPP to place a simple link on their own web site that brings only their projects and project bid results to their own web site.

    Easy Document Uploading

    QAPs can easily upload their project bid documents in digital format. The QAP sets the download cost for each of their own projects.


    QuestCDN gives QAPs complete control to post the projects with an “open”, “protected”, or “hidden” designation.

    Tool to Communicate with Bidders

    Plan Holder

    An on-line Plan Holder list that is automatically updated when a prospective bidder downloads the bidding document and the ability to add additional plan holders to the on-line list for those who acquire paper bidding documents.

    Secure Downloads

    QuestCDN provides secure, password-protected access and the ability to secure downloads of documents through our protected and hidden project categories.

    Automatic Bid Updates

    An addenda uploading function that automatically notifies, via e-mail, the bidders that have acquired digital bidding documents, that an addenda is available for download

    Bid Result Posting

    Bid Result Posting – Once bid results are posted they are automatically sent to all plan holders.

    What Makes QuestCDN Unique?

    • Absolutely FREE electronic project posting – QuestCDN provides our Quest Alliance Partners (QAPs), such as architects, engineers, general contractor/construction managers or owners, access to post project advertisements and eBidDoc™ (complete digital bid set) on the Internet via the QuestCDN website. QuestCDN bidding members then download the project bid information – all at no cost to you.

    • Save reprographic and administrative costs – QuestCDN is the easiest, most cost-effective way to post detailed project advertisement information – simply attach an eBidDoc™ and deliver it to QuestCDN members. You save money by:
      • Advertising projects for free on the QuestCDN network
      • Dramatically reducing hardcopy reprographic costs
      • Eliminating clerical administration of hardcopy plan distribution
      • Improving communications with contractors and suppliers during the bidding period through the rapid posting of addenda, plan holders, and bid result information.
    • Communicate more effectively with contractors and suppliers by quickly posting addenda, plan holders, and bid result information – QuestCDN has engineered additional functionality into the site to provide QAPs the ability to:
      • Preview and edit their project listings
      • Post addenda (electronic planholders are automatically alerted to addenda via QuestCDN email)
      • List manual planholders (QuestCDN lists the electronic planholders automatically to the plan holder list)
      • Post the bid results for members to review.
      • And best of all, this information is communicated at the speed of the internet!
    • Prevent plagiarism and fraudulent alterations of plans and specifications – The eBidDoc™ is delivered to members in a secure Adobe portable document format (PDF) which prevents the copying and/or altering of the “native” file documents. The QAP may also digitally sign the eBidDoc™ to authenticate the validity of the document.

    • Manage and direct the participation of your project – QuestCDN gives QAPs complete control to post the projects with an “open”, “protected”, or “hidden” designation.
      • The “open” designation allows all members to view the project detailed advertisement and download the eBidDoc™.
      • The “protected” designation allows all members to view the project advertisement, but access to download the bid document is controlled by the issuance of a password provided to pre-qualified members by the QAP.
      • “Hidden” project advertisements do not appear on the website at all, but they are made available to selected pre-qualified members by the issuance of a QuestCDN project number and password controlled by the QAP.
    • Be a hero to bidders by reducing their costs – Bidders receive tremendous cost savings because project advertisements are viewable free of charge and the eBidDoc™ downloads are priced at a fraction of hardcopy costs. Therefore more companies are willing to review and bid, providing you with the best bids possible.

    • Guarantee bid accuracy and accountability by delivering full project information – Another key QAP benefit is the reduction or elimination of in-house plan room administration, and after bid disputes. Contractors and suppliers will now have a complete project bidding eBidDoc™ and addenda information residing in their offices that is up-to-date, accurate, and will pass full accountability to them for:
      • Performing accurate takeoffs
      • Guaranteeing specification adherence
      • Submitting accurate, cost effective bids.
    • Reallocate resources to deliver more bidder value – By utilizing QuestCDN versus developing your own project delivery system, you eliminate the immense investment of time and money needed to design, engineer, administrate, and support a system. This allows you to redirect those resources in other high client value areas of your business.

    • Stay informed with our valuable free informational resource – As a QAP you receive unlimited free associate memberships for your staff to utilize the valuable information included on our website.

    • Benefit from leading edge internet technology and training – QuestCDN is your project information conduit, delivering the latest technology as it is developed to maintain the highest level of functionality and value. Our team provides ongoing assistance and training members ensuring the benefit from the full range of our services.

    • Archive as-built drawings, O&M manuals and warranties in a paperless database – QAPs may adopt a more efficient digital submittal review process and then deliver as-built construction drawings, O & M manuals, and warranty information to their clients in a digital PDF format. This makes it easier to retrieve the component building and construction information that is critical in operating, maintaining and repairing buildings and systems throughout the future.

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