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    The State of Mississippi approves QuestCDN VirtuBid™ for electronic online bidding!

    The State of Mississippi just completed an important initiative to foster the use of electronic online public bidding and QuestCDN is one of only a couple companies that was approved. QuestCDN’s VirtuBid™ or vBid™, which we launched over 4 years ago, provides comprehensive functionality that mirrors the standard bid process, but has digitized and automated the process with all bidding scenarios covered. It is the most valuable component of our bid management system to our customers. The security and uptime of the data delivery and collection is second to none. In fact, because bidders are actually entering their bid values into a secure database, the preliminary results can be posted automatically with the push of a button just seconds after the conclusion of the bid letting. Bids will never again have to rejected because of incomplete, illegible, inaccurate information. We appreciate the trust the State of Mississippi has give us and look forward to helping them optimize their bidding process.

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