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    Quest Launches VirtuBid (vBid) Online Bid Submission

    QuestCDN is excited to announce the launch of our new Online Bid Submission capabilities – introducing VirtuBid (vBid)!

    QuestCDN online bidding

    VirtuBid (vBid) is an innovative online bidding tool that benefits bidders, project owners and soliciting agents.

    When QuestCDN was conceived back in the late 1990s our mission was to develop a comprehensive web-based solution to improve the entire construction project bid process. Over the last 15 years we have achieved most of this mark except for one important component… the ability of a bidder to securely submit their bids over the internet from the comfort and effectiveness of their office. Now after year of intense development we finally have it completed – introducing VirtuBid (vBid)!

    VirtuBid offer significant benefits to bidders, project owners and soliciting agents. vBid streamlines the bidding process for owners and solicitors, allowing them to effectively and efficiently build and accept bids through a secure online network. With vBid, providers are able to build their bid forms to fit their needs.

    For bidders, vBid allows them to submit all qualification information, submit final numbers within seconds of a bid closing, have immediate access to addenda changes, and have access to all previous bids for data mining of future bids.

    To see the full functionality of VirtuBid how this innovative system achieves optimal value for the entire bid process community, contact QuestCDN for a demo.

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