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    Engineering Minnesota Features Bob Morgan, Former Uofm Gophers Quarterback And Questcdn Founder
    Ex-Quarterback Seeks To Change How The Bidding Game Is Played

    Engineering Minnesota Features Bob Morgan, Former UofM Gophers Quarterback and QuestCDN Founder

    Way back during the 1968 – 1971 football seasons, Bob Morgan spent numerous early mornings in the office of University of Minnesota football coach Murray Warmath. All the Gopher quarterbacks were in attendance as Warmath spread 22 red and black checker pieces on his desk representing various offensive and defensive football formations. He asked the quarterbacks to identify the various setups and what play should be called. The quaint 20th-century question-and-answer format represented Morgan’s introduction into the art of problem solving.

    Three decades later, the fellow who became starting quarterback and captain of the 1972 Gopher team under new coach Cal Stoll, would find himself in engineering offices trying to convince management that he had an innovative solution to the communication problems faced in the bidding of public construction projects.

    “Football was good training for many things,” Morgan explained recently as he talked about a “new and valuable functionality” he was adding to his Quest Construction Data Network ( bid management software platform, the company he started 18 years ago. “We have added an online bidding functionality where bidders can upload their bids securely from the comfort and efficiency of their own office,” he said.

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