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    Questcdn: Breathing New Life Into The Bidding Process
    CIO Application Magazine Features QuestCDN's Breakthrough Virtual Bidding Process

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    QuestCDN: Breathing New Life into the Bidding Process

    Recently QuestCDN was featured in CIO Applications magazine, highlighting the outstanding work we are doing in Virtual Bidding. “It is supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard…is what makes it great.” The goal of deliberate practice is to make things possible that were not possible before. It takes […]

    New QuestCDN Website Illustrates Latest Features

    The new QuestCDN makes it easier for bidders, project owners and soliciting agents to see the benefits that matter most. QuestCDN is the construction industry’s premier project bid management system, and now our new website better illustrates why. The website features detailed information on feature and benefits that matter most to project owners/solicitors and to […]

    Denver Water Moves to Online Bidding

    On November 15, Denver Water, who delivers quality water to 1.3 million people throughout Denver and the surrounding areas, opened their first bid utilizing our newly launched VirtuBid (vBid). Denver Water has been a partner of QuestCDN’s since 2010 and has taken the next step into the digital world. Since 2010, they have delivered numerous […]

    QuestCDN data network hosts numerous types of construction projects including the following:

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